For the Love of Punching, by Ragged Clown

For the Love of Punching, by Ragged Clown

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A collection of poems on the theme of boxing, For the Love of Punching is an unexpected and moving journey through a vivid and violent world.  The poems in this collection are accessible for anyone, from white belt to black belt to no belt.

The title piece is a striking, almost shocking statement from the voice of the boxer, which at the same time examines the cult of celebrity.

"We teach the boys to fight and the girls to dance..." is the opening line to one of this collection's typically compelling pieces.  Fighting is a part of human culture all the way along, and the reasons why are only philosophical.

"For The Love of Punching" is a unique poetry collection, featuring "Camphor", a saga of some 200 stanzas telling the story of a man named Elijah Sinclair - what drives him to a life of prize fighting? Is it different that what drives any other person?  In this long poem, he becomes unlikely friends with farmer Ernie Dueck.

As far as we know, this collection contains the only sonnets written about the Mike Tyson.  "Iron Sharpens Iron Mike" parts 1-3 chronicle the man's career until his retirement from fighting.  Boxing has many legends and many redemption stories.  Mike Tyson's story is documented here in a set of three English sonnets.

For the Love of Punching