Autobiography, by Luis Neer

Autobiography, by Luis Neer

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"I wrote this book in one week and only vaguely remember writing it. If one were to read one of these poems out loud to me, I would probably not recognize the poem. When I emailed Spencer Madsen to ask for a blurb, I described the book as being “about grief and drooling, mainly.” My hope is that people will drool or think about drooling when they read this book." ~Luis Neer

Autobiography is just one of the fantastic chapbooks brought forth by the prodigal Luis Neer. Written in a week-long haze, Neer’s writing makes it easy to forget that they were seventeen when this was published. Poems that deal with longing and the intensity that comes with teenage hormones, Autobiography is a fantastic read.


"A nebula (Latin for 'cloud') is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Originally, nebula was a name for any diffuse astronomical object, including galaxies beyond the Milky Way. I just learned this after I read this book. This book which made me want to be 'twelve and punk rock again.'"

- Lucy K Shaw, author of The Motion

"Neer states that a computer is just a stone after all, a profound statement that the advancement of the modern world is proportionally isolating. With soft spoken and thoughtful wit, Neer addresses the world around him, poetically and effectively. Autobiography is a sentimental confessional, where lyrical prose speaks better than paragraphs of text." 

- Emily Sipiora, editor of Moloko House



from “Divvy”:

Shuttle” is a good word 
It takes a human being back and forth between 
here & the moon 
It becomes difficult to reconcile this 
with my own existence, which 
was meant to be Multifaceted, or endless, maybe not 
Like, 2 buildings
And occasionally go thru a drive thru 
I keep thinking of “road blocks” but this doesn’t make sense

 21 Pages, Chapbook