How The Heartache Humbled Me, by Alessia Di Cesare

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How The Heartache Humbled Me is a soft collection of poetry that unthreads weakness associated with vulnerability and sews it back together with strength. It’s about finding the courage to say, “yes I am hurting” while no longer fearing your honest heart. It’s about loss. It’s about missing someone, until you don’t. Most importantly, How the Heartache Humbled Me is stitched with the intentions to heal. It is a remedy for the broken hearted, and a reminder to let the leftover love soften you, instead of harden you. 


From the Book:

"There are
beehives in our hands,
all shaking and soft and swollen 
and we hold
the freedom of our will.
We can choose
to make this more sweet,
less sting.
" from Honey (If We Choose) 

"You are leaving 
but I am still meant to be a lover
because I am obsessed 
with the growth 
of all things." from Love Story