Away Status, by Shy Watson

Away Status, by Shy Watson

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AWAY STATUS takes place in, around, and away from ex-boyfriends and their bedrooms. It fucks with drugs, dates old men for money, and has mommy issues. In the world it walks the streets of cities where it copes with unwanted advances and symptoms of repressed memories. It tries to utilize its finite youth. It keeps you up at night. You text it when you're drunk. Away Status is Shy Watson’s debut chapbook (followed by her second Bottlecap chap ​My Parents Were Going To Give Me Your Name if I Was Born A Boy) and it is a chap full of banger poems that yearn to be read. Shy Watson’s poetry deals with her own life in a unique and telling way, she’s a poet that enjoys telling it all.

Also available bundled with her second chapbook here.


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